fleur (ta_petite_fleur) wrote in disapparateooc,


Hey all! I'm Kris, I'll be playing Fleur for as long as you'll have me, so I figured introductions were in order.

Fleur's new journal can be found at ta_petite_fleur so if you see the name on your list, it's me.

For reference, I'll probably be journaling both in English and French. So, a pretty reliable translator is here in case you should need it. I use it myself on occasion. I'm hovering somewhere around a level five French speaker, not quite fluent yet, but enough to write for Fleur.

you can contact me, or Fleur on AIM: RamblingIvy

For the first bit, I'll probably be a bit quiet, trying to get caught up to the plot and such, but I'm always willing to play, any time you can catch me I'd love to chat with you!
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