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well, hello...

I must seem like a ghost to you people. I mean, I send in an application for Harry (while on vacation), get accepted. But, do I ever show up? I appears as much. Unfortunately, vacation seperates me in burps (and, mostly I am burping away from the internet). Don't worry, I am alive. And Harry will be signing online soon. Once I get my nearest chance I will write my Lucius application; if I am accepted as Lucius (yes, I am the party pooper that has the Great Malfini on reserve), I think that Lucius will be different from what people are expecting from Lucius rpers. Meaning, he isn't perfect, he isn't sappy, he's not a fool, and he is not le survivor --- hey, how would you feel to be in Azkaban for a year and a half. I shouldn't be talking about Lucius, should I?

Alright, so I'll talk about the character I do. Messr Harry James Potter. For those who do not know, Harry rocks my socks. I have proof, just take a look. The moment I sign back online, I have no problem with people sending me OOC ims (pocket potter or delphyne malfoy). If you wish to RP with me, be sure to message my IC sn (one who lived). We can rp for Disapparate, or we can do an SL that has nothing to do with this. I am picky about pairings, and I want them to make sense. My favorite het pairing is Luna/Harry (HP/HG makes me want to hurl), and Cho needs to die. When it comes to slash, I will do no SB/HP, RL/HP, and most importantly ---- NO HP/SS (Gross, ewww.. no; Harry deserves better then that.) I enjoy Alternate Universes, and I am starting an SL of my own that is one (featuring, Slytherin-Harry that makes sense). I am what you call protective of Harry, and if I feel that someone is crossing the line in what makes sense for the beloved Potter, I will complain. :P

I roleplay other characters but Harry, such as: Lucius, Severus (he's snarky and true), Remus (have you hugged a werewolf today? I won't do SB/RL), Draco (I will not do DM/HG and DM/GW because both fuel my anger and make me sick to my stomache), and other characters. Harry is my favorite, so if you want to play, Potter-rps are the best.

It should be noted, that if you ask for my opinion on how you roleplay, I'll darn well give it to you. If I think you are great, I'll say it. If I believe you suck, I'll also tell you that.

P.S. Oliver-mun, my friend (Narcissa-mun) has informed me that you have spoken together concerning a possible option. I have given thought about it, taking in the information I know about your Oliver, and with the spare time given to me I've thought plenty. My conclussion is that if we discuss this in AIM and think up a game plan (just the way I am) that will generalize things, it should work out.

And now, I close my first POST since I am on my uncle's computer and about ready to stab my eyes out because Narcissa-mun got herself grounded and can't talk to me on the phone and I don't want to piss anyone off this early in the game --- before I'm even on the game yet.

Ta ta, don't worry, Harry will be here. Love him and his cynical (as a gryffindor can be) ways, and that messy hair. Ta ta..

- Filia, the pocket potter
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