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(&) Welcome! Welcome to Disapparate OOC, which is in association with the elite Harry Potter RPG, Disapparate. Why do we have an OOC board? Simply because we know that the players of these canon-only characters have real lives to lead, and important ones at that! We know that there will be need for OOC posts, and therefore we have this board. As apologetic as we'd like to be, you cannot use this board unless you are part of the RPG. How do you go about becoming a member? Go here

(&) Story! Lord Voldemort has been regaining his power &, following, his growing dark army has started to lash out more often & with more force than ever before against muggles, muggle-lovers & mudbloods alike. Neither child nor parent is safe from the evil reign of Voldemort. Harry Potter & his close friends, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, & Albus Dumbledore have become the prime targets of the Dark Lord himself, seen as the four pillars of resistance preventing him from his goal.
Who is trustworthy, & who is a traitor? What dangers will befall Hogwarts during Harry Potter's final year? Who will conquer & prevail? The world is on the verge of war, & the line between good and evil is becoming harder & harder to distinguish by day.

(&) Etcetera! First of all, no copyright infringement is intended. This is all just for fun. For information on the moderators, please go here. To view the main community, please go here. This is the Daily Prophet. This is for extra information regarding character contact information & timelines, & this is for fanart & fanfiction relating to Disapparate. If any portion of this userinfo is seen anywhere else, prepare to die. The (coming soon!!) layout was made by Anna.