Professor McGonagall (witch_cat) wrote in disapparateooc,
Professor McGonagall

Oh my...

Hi. My name is Sara. I'm not the muse for Professor McGonagall here. However, I met this girl at the local B&N OOTP release party who was interested in rp-ing, so I told her about a couple of games I knew of and about hprpsearch, and she applied here.

Anyway... so yesterday I'm all at B&N, and I happen to see her, and I ask her how it's all going over here, and she's like... "Oh. I kinda lost interest. I haven't posted lately."

Now, having played in rpgs before, I know how obnoxious that is to other players, characters who are played, but not active. So I got the password to this name, and if a mod could IM me at witchkatiebell I'll gladly pass that on to you.


Sorry about all this.
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