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Harry is in the sleeper

Alright, either I forgot to say it, or I didn't say it clearly enough. I don't know, or maybe I just get the feeling that I need to post again and remind everyone.

I am on vacation right now, I have no reliable connection to the internet. I will not be posting in any way 'cept on the OOC board when I can; at least, not until I back home. I wanted to post merely to prove to everyone that I will be taking part in this rp, and that I am thinking about the rp.

Bones-mun, I don't know if it was wise to OWL Harry at this time. I can not reply. So, what I am going to do is when Harry does reply via OWL, it will be under the tense that Harry has been so busy that it has taken him forever to both find the time and the desire to reply.

P.S: To those who are interested in possibly being romantically involved with Harry, you best speak it up and tell me your idea. This 7th year Harry is rather asexual, hateful of 'romance' (*cough*Cho*cough*; sorry, sweets), so I have to be picky. Leave a comment, or message me. Yada yada yada yada. Until I get back on my computer, I will only be signing on onewholived for the time being.

I hate vacations.
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