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Fleur [29 Aug 2003|03:40pm]

Hey all! I'm Kris, I'll be playing Fleur for as long as you'll have me, so I figured introductions were in order.

Fleur's new journal can be found at ta_petite_fleur so if you see the name on your list, it's me.

For reference, I'll probably be journaling both in English and French. So, a pretty reliable translator is here in case you should need it. I use it myself on occasion. I'm hovering somewhere around a level five French speaker, not quite fluent yet, but enough to write for Fleur.

you can contact me, or Fleur on AIM: RamblingIvy

For the first bit, I'll probably be a bit quiet, trying to get caught up to the plot and such, but I'm always willing to play, any time you can catch me I'd love to chat with you!
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[29 Aug 2003|01:10am]

aoife now has an aim id! prof chattian ... can you believe aoife chattian was taken!!



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[19 Aug 2003|09:54am]

My journal morag_i_am hasn't been friended by the following users:

I'd appreciate it if you could change that. :-)
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A/O: The Mods. [10 Aug 2003|11:33pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Okay... I hate to do this, but I'm gonna have to ask for some holiday leave. X_x Having the big family holiday and all, and my parents wouldn't leave me alone in their house even if their lives depended on it. The dates are the 22nd of August until the 8th of September, and I have no idea whether or not I'll be able to get online to update.
I figured the easiest thing to do would be to say Lupin was away on Order business, and that he wasn't sure when he would be able to get in contact with people (since I don't know when I'll be able to either). I"m not too hot with the idea of someone messing around with my character (cue emergence of possessive trait ^^;), but if you wanted to get a temporary player, then I just thought you might want some headway to get someone.

<3 --- Manda

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[10 Aug 2003|01:10am]

Hey everyone! I'm new - I'm playing the Ravenclaw Kevin Entwhistle. Lesser know, which makes it more fun. I'm excited to be here among such creative and great writers.

My name is Alayna, but I go mostly by Layne, and you can reach me on AIM at x R1DDLE or by email at pine@wintergale.org.

Also, a question - is there a summary of the more significant incidents in Disapparate? Or could someone summarize what they think is important for a newbie to know?

Thank you! :D
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[05 Aug 2003|05:42pm]

This really isn't worth it. No one will miss me - hardly anyone rp's with me as it is... You've now, sucessfully made me cry about a RP - which is also very stupid - but I can't help it. I was invited by some very good people - and I really respect them. But I don't appreciate being belittled or humiliated on the board. I said nothing about people - only about process. I can see that now - if I have a complaint - I will have to endure public flogging to have it listened to. That isn't worth it to me. I'm sorry.

I can't say it's been fun, but I really really wish I could. You can take me off your friends list. I am here to have fun - and I am not having fun - so I'm leaving. I apologize again.
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[04 Aug 2003|08:02pm]

Sorry everyone I've had a few issues with Livejournal..
I'm back now..Can someone please contact me with all the RP updates..LJ is still chucking semi-spaz's on my computer

Professor Flitwick
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[31 Jul 2003|09:55pm]

Hm. Alright. I don't know if anyone noticed I was gone... or even cared...or it made any difference, ah, what so ever...( Well besides to the Mods, and judging by the post below you didn't get my email...)
But I've gotten my computer fixed up all nice and lovely like, and I hope to be catching up with the loads of stuff I've missed over the four hours of constant reading its going to take. Hm, if..I'm still allowed?

And just incase it was forgotten...My AIM's Still Le Pure Blood so...Bug me.
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[01 Aug 2003|10:12am]

rather sorry for being away for days, I have been very ill, and still am.
further talks, questions or rps please AIM: xdare2dreamxx

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Oh my... [28 Jul 2003|10:28am]

Hi. My name is Sara. I'm not the muse for Professor McGonagall here. However, I met this girl at the local B&N OOTP release party who was interested in rp-ing, so I told her about a couple of games I knew of and about hprpsearch, and she applied here.

Anyway... so yesterday I'm all at B&N, and I happen to see her, and I ask her how it's all going over here, and she's like... "Oh. I kinda lost interest. I haven't posted lately."

Now, having played in rpgs before, I know how obnoxious that is to other players, characters who are played, but not active. So I got the password to this name, and if a mod could IM me at witchkatiebell I'll gladly pass that on to you.


Sorry about all this.
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[28 Jul 2003|03:26am]

[ mood | awake ]

*wavies* Your evil!Bellatrix has arrived. Played by me, of course (Zoe... also playing Dahpne Greengrass). Can't promise Trixxie will behave herself ;)

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[19 Jul 2003|02:59pm]

Does anyone besides Mistress Malfoy have the complete Disapparate buddylist for AOL they can send me?
I'd be very appreciative.

For roleplaying I can be contacted on lukey@xms.ms for MSN
and PatronusE3 for AOL

but I prefer AOL and Commenting.
Professor Flitwick
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[18 Jul 2003|06:33pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Sorry. I just like LJ cuts.Collapse )

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[18 Jul 2003|11:54am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Just another reminder, if you haven't added the_scribbler to your friends list, please do so now. The first sensational issue is out and about. I also wanted to say that I didn't realize there would be such a huge response to the idea of the paper. I hope it's obvious by the first issue that this is no ordinary paper. It's more of a gossip column, really.

This is why it’s important to keep the identities of the small staff behind it a secret...for now. This makes it hard for us to work out viable ways that we would add to our staff. _careless and wiles will be joining the staff shortly, due to carelessness on the parts of Colin, Ginny and Luna. The other characters that have shown interest, I'll contact you shortly and we'll work out a way for you to join The Scribbler family, though, your character may not be able to join the staff until later in the RP timeline.

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[19 Jul 2003|12:16am]

Could everyone please Add me to their friends list so i can set up my privacy options...
or could someone please assist me by telling my how to make Disapparate entries for members only?
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[18 Jul 2003|02:57pm]

[ mood | content ]

Greetings Teachers and Students;
I'll be playing Professor Flitwick from the Charms Department.

Just a quick note to say I look forward to an interesting year at Hogwarts.
I am sure many challenges await our wonderful students.

Good Day,
Professor Flitwick

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[16 Jul 2003|03:59pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I hope no one minds me asking, but would anyone complain if I made Su a seeker?
And who's also on the Ravenclaw Quid team?

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Harry is in the sleeper [15 Jul 2003|02:23pm]

[ mood | grumpy ]

Alright, either I forgot to say it, or I didn't say it clearly enough. I don't know, or maybe I just get the feeling that I need to post again and remind everyone.

I am on vacation right now, I have no reliable connection to the internet. I will not be posting in any way 'cept on the OOC board when I can; at least, not until I back home. I wanted to post merely to prove to everyone that I will be taking part in this rp, and that I am thinking about the rp.

Bones-mun, I don't know if it was wise to OWL Harry at this time. I can not reply. So, what I am going to do is when Harry does reply via OWL, it will be under the tense that Harry has been so busy that it has taken him forever to both find the time and the desire to reply.

P.S: To those who are interested in possibly being romantically involved with Harry, you best speak it up and tell me your idea. This 7th year Harry is rather asexual, hateful of 'romance' (*cough*Cho*cough*; sorry, sweets), so I have to be picky. Leave a comment, or message me. Yada yada yada yada. Until I get back on my computer, I will only be signing on onewholived for the time being.

I hate vacations.

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well, hello... [14 Jul 2003|06:38pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I must seem like a ghost to you people. I mean, I send in an application for Harry (while on vacation), get accepted. But, do I ever show up? I appears as much. Unfortunately, vacation seperates me in burps (and, mostly I am burping away from the internet). Don't worry, I am alive. And Harry will be signing online soon. Once I get my nearest chance I will write my Lucius application; if I am accepted as Lucius (yes, I am the party pooper that has the Great Malfini on reserve), I think that Lucius will be different from what people are expecting from Lucius rpers. Meaning, he isn't perfect, he isn't sappy, he's not a fool, and he is not le survivor --- hey, how would you feel to be in Azkaban for a year and a half. I shouldn't be talking about Lucius, should I?

Alright, so I'll talk about the character I do. Messr Harry James Potter. For those who do not know, Harry rocks my socks. I have proof, just take a look. The moment I sign back online, I have no problem with people sending me OOC ims (pocket potter or delphyne malfoy). If you wish to RP with me, be sure to message my IC sn (one who lived). We can rp for Disapparate, or we can do an SL that has nothing to do with this. I am picky about pairings, and I want them to make sense. My favorite het pairing is Luna/Harry (HP/HG makes me want to hurl), and Cho needs to die. When it comes to slash, I will do no SB/HP, RL/HP, and most importantly ---- NO HP/SS (Gross, ewww.. no; Harry deserves better then that.) I enjoy Alternate Universes, and I am starting an SL of my own that is one (featuring, Slytherin-Harry that makes sense). I am what you call protective of Harry, and if I feel that someone is crossing the line in what makes sense for the beloved Potter, I will complain. :P

I roleplay other characters but Harry, such as: Lucius, Severus (he's snarky and true), Remus (have you hugged a werewolf today? I won't do SB/RL), Draco (I will not do DM/HG and DM/GW because both fuel my anger and make me sick to my stomache), and other characters. Harry is my favorite, so if you want to play, Potter-rps are the best.

It should be noted, that if you ask for my opinion on how you roleplay, I'll darn well give it to you. If I think you are great, I'll say it. If I believe you suck, I'll also tell you that.

P.S. Oliver-mun, my friend (Narcissa-mun) has informed me that you have spoken together concerning a possible option. I have given thought about it, taking in the information I know about your Oliver, and with the spare time given to me I've thought plenty. My conclussion is that if we discuss this in AIM and think up a game plan (just the way I am) that will generalize things, it should work out.

And now, I close my first POST since I am on my uncle's computer and about ready to stab my eyes out because Narcissa-mun got herself grounded and can't talk to me on the phone and I don't want to piss anyone off this early in the game --- before I'm even on the game yet.

Ta ta, don't worry, Harry will be here. Love him and his cynical (as a gryffindor can be) ways, and that messy hair. Ta ta..

- Filia, the pocket potter

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[13 Jul 2003|11:47pm]

Bonjour, I'm Ari. Er, thats R-E. heh. I like long walks on the beach, and blasphemy =)

I'll be playing Bill Weasley. Theres a fairly large amount about him in my user info, but don't look to carefully at the journal layout, I havent gotten around to it tonight.

Ah well, My AIM is Le Pure Blood and my Y!M is currently DieforyourGod. BOTH subject to change, as they're not very Bill like...or...are, I suppose its how you look at them.

Well, ta!
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